Reduce Business Energy Costs


As an energy broker, we’ll renegotiate your contracts and look for the best deals. Every month, we’ll make sure your bills are correct and send you a savings report. Trinergy takes care of all the administrative procedures. We are open about our fees and operate completely independently of any energy supplier. And our customers always make the final decision!


Your Trinergy broker won’t just find you the best energy deals – we are committed to providing complete support, helping you keep on top of your paperwork (like cancellation requests and change management) and renegotiate your future energy contracts. Trust us to optimise your energy budget and you’ll receive comprehensive, neutral and transparent support.


We will set up an online tool you can use to track your energy use. Using on-site sensors, you can access a detailed site-by-site breakdown of your energy consumption via our special customer web portal. You can also use this service to view the distribution of charges per unit (apartment, office, etc.).

Want to save up to 33% on your energy bills?

Send us your last bills and we will contact you within 3 days.